Why don’t my cat eat anymore?


The cat is known to be a difficult animal when it comes to food. For several reasons, the later may stop eating. However, it cannot stand being deprived of food. So, it is important to watch its behaviour and to take it to a veterinary if it persists.
Discover the multiple reasons which may explain why your cat is not eating anymore.


1. Health Issues

Cats having dental issues, such as abscesses and tartar excess, will find it difficult to eat. Furthermore, those eating disorders may arise in a cat when the latter has hair balls stuck in its stomach or when it suffers from arthrosis or food poisoning.


2. A change in the environment

A cat is very much attached to its habits and finds it hard to adapt to change. Hence, during a relocation, your pet loses all its marks. Your cat will then be in a depression phase and will lose its appetite. Hence it is important to reassure it so that it quickly finds its marks back.


3. A change of food

Changing a cat’s food will disrupt your animal. In fact, it is very attached to its daily food. Hence, it is important for its owner to be patient and not to rush this process. If you let it take the time needed to adapt itself to the new food, it will eat again soon!