Why does my cat refuse to drink water from its bowl?


Why does your cat not drink water from its bowl and pounces on your tap as soon as you run the water? Is it difficult and refuses to drink from its bowl? Simple things can be implemented to encourage your cat to drink from its bowl, or then you can also adapt to the requests and needs of your cat! 


Make sure of the quality of its water

The water that you offer to your cat must be fresh, not from several days ago. If you have not yet made this a habit, remember to change the water in its bowl every day. At the same time, regularly wash its bowl with a little soap and water so that it is clean. In fact, this is not very pleasant for your cat to drink water where pieces of food or hair have fallen. In addition, cats generally prefer glass bowls to stainless steel or plastic bowls.

Place the cat bowl in the right place

Cat bowls should not be placed in a walkway or too close to its litter tray. Cats must be able to drink and eat peacefully, without being disturbed or bothered by odours. On the other hand, some felines prefer that their water bowl and food bowl are separated by a few metres. This goes back to the wild instincts of the cat: by keeping its food away from its water, the animal avoids contamination of the water by bacteria. In this case, perform tests and try to place its water bowl in several locations: it might just work!

Buy it a water fountain

Some cats love to drink water from a tap, in a bathtub, etc. You will have an attractive change of bowl, water and location, where they will continue to come to quench their thirst at the tap. For them, water fountains are the better solution! Again, it may be some sort of residual wild cat instinct that makes it wary of stagnant waters, which may be contaminated by bacteria. Respond to its need and buy it a water fountain!