The favourite food of cats


Cats have an underdeveloped sense of taste. That is why it is sometimes difficult to make them happy at mealtime. It may be useful to know what your cat does not like, but also what it likes most. Discover the favourite food of your cat and the best way to serve it.


Food consistency and temperature

A cat appreciates dry or wet food, such as treats or mash. In addition, food should be at room temperature or lukewarm to satisfy your pet. Otherwise, your cat may sometimes refuse to eat, and in some cases develop digestive disorders. 

Cats are also very sensitive to smell. It may enjoy a bland food if its smell is appetising. For taste, felines like salty foods and are not very fond of sweet food. They hate everything that is acidic or bitter. 

Favourite foods of cats 

Tastes can vary from one feline to another. However, cats are a carnivorous animal. It loves meat, regardless of whether it was hunted outdoors or prepared by its master. In addition, it likes to drink milk. Nevertheless, after drinking it, adult cats will generally encounter digestive problems. Therefore, it is important not to give it to your cat regularly.