My cat steals food, what should I do?


On the table, during your meal, an appetiser, or even from the bowl of another pet: your cat is a first-class thief! However, this is not a disaster, and you can educate your cat so that it understands that we do not eat the food of others. Follow our advice to teach it good manners.


A trauma from its youth

First of all, you must know that a cat does not steal food out of malice or because you do not feed it enough. Cats that steal most likely had an unhappy youth: abused, abandoned, or simply malnourished. Therefore, they have a very keen survival instinct and anxious nature, which moves them to steal food when the smell attracts them. It may also be that they are tired of their food and seek a different taste.

How to react when my cat steals

So that your cat understands that stealing is wrong, you must give it a clear signal. You can make a lot of noise (tap on the table), or divert its attention with a toy that you throw in the opposite direction as soon as it climbs on the table or is going to steal from another bowl.

  • Of course, avoid leaving any food out or dirty dishes that could attract it.
  • Also, try to change its diet by finding out what will make it return to its bowl!
  • Put treats in the mash, test different flavours, it will inevitably crack.

Behaviours to avoid

There are a few reactions that you must absolutely avoid when you surprise your cat in the act. First of all, never punish your cat with physical violence (even a small tap), it will not understand what it did wrong. Then, do not attempt to push or lift your cat when it climbs up somewhere, it will return to the same place (and in worst cases, it will not leave). Do not forget: A loud noise or a toy will encourage it to leave. Continue these methods and your cat will quickly give up.

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