Is catnip good for my cat?


Catnip is an essential complement for cats as they contribute to their health and balance. It is the cat’s salad! Discover all the advantages of catnip for your cat.


1. Is cat grass good for cats?

Catnip has several advantages for your cat. Whether they are indoor cats or strays, cats are used to eat catnip to accelerate their digestion process as it acts as a laxative.

Catnip also helps cat to spit fur balls. In fact, when your cat grooms itself, it swallows a certain amount of hairs which get stuck in its stomach or intestines which is very bad for its digestion. To stop this, your cat will eat catnip which will help it vomit the fur balls.

Rich in fibres and vitamins, catnip is advisable in case of constipation and may replace some food supplements.


2. To know everything about cat grass

- How much catnip must it eat? Usually, the amount of catnip eaten by a cat is not very high. If you observe an increase in its catnip consumption, this could be a sign of a health problem. See your veterinary.


- How to grow catnip? This is the easiest and safest option. Compared to the grass your cat may eat outside, it does not contain chemicals (pesticides, fertilizer) which are dangerous for your cat. It is quick as catnip grows in one week!

- What is catnip made of? Like explained above, this depends on the grass. Outdoor grass can be toxic for your cat if it contains pesticides. For that reason, indoor catnip is safer as it does not contain chemicals.

- At what age can my cat eat catnip? Catnip can be given to a kitten after three months once it is weaned.