How to feed my cat?


Quality food and an appropriate diet are essential for your cat. Cats are carnivores and have specific nutritional needs. This is why it is very important to choose the best diet for your cat. Nowadays, the cat’s food list is long and it is not always easy to make a choice: here are some advices to consider while choosing food for your cat.


1. How does my cat eat?

Like every carnivore, the cat’s diet is based on the nutritional value which are found only in animal products. Cats need a high protein intake and a variety of nutriments such as arginine, taurine, vitamins, minerals, etc. A cat cannot be vegan!

The best solution is to let the cat access its food freely and to invest in a pellets distributor. The cat eats between 10 to 16 meals a day, in small portions, particularly at night.

The best diet for your kitten or your cat will depend on several factors: age, physical condition (thin or fat), health issues etc.


2. My cat’s food: what to choose

Like we saw precedingly, the cat’s diet may vary according to some criteria.

- Pellets will always be the most affordable option and there exist very good products containing all nutritive elements necessary for your cat’s development. The negative point: pellets are not appropriate for every cat and can trigger kidney stones as it is a dehydrated diet.

- Cat’s mash: if your cat is being difficult and needs to put on some weight, mash should encourage it to eat. Mash is much more smelly and savoury that pellets and hence, should convince your cat. Mash is recommended if your cat is constipated and suffer from kidney failure as it is rich in fibres and humid.

- Homemade cat’s food: why not? With the right information, homemade cat’s food may be a very good alternative. That said, be careful: some food may make your cat sick and even kill it like chocolate, raisin, milk (for adults) or canned tuna. Before implementing a homemade diet, talk to your veterinary.


You still cannot choose? Alternate between pellets and mash. This is call bi-nutrition : your cat will be delighted! Furthermore, do not forget to provide it with a water bowl to avoid kidney failures.