10 food you should never give to your cat


You want the best diet for your cat? However, do you know everything about cats’ diets and food which are dangerous for them? If you choose to give it other foods than pellets and mash, educate yourself on what they can really eat. Some food may be bad and even toxic for them. 


1. Chocolate

Chocolate is very bad for the cat as it increases its cardiac rhythm. Swallowed, chocolate can entail a fatal food poisoning. Coffee and tea are also not advisable.


2. Caffeine

In fact, caffeine (found in sodas, tea and coffee) is also very dangerous as it increases the animal’s cardiac rhythm. A small dose is enough to poison the cat so you must be careful. Poisoning symptoms are the following: diarrhoea, vomiting, muscle tremors, fever, convulsions.


3. Grapes

Grapes may entail a sudden kidney failure for cats. Diarrhoea, appetite loss, abdominal pains are among the symptoms in case of failure.


4. Milk

Even if we generally give milk to kittens, you must know that once grown up, cats are generally lactose intolerant. It is hence unadvisable to give dairy products to an adult cat.


5. Onions

You may not know it but it is a very bad idea to give leftovers containing onions to your cat. In fact, onions destroy red blood cells and may entail anaemia in the cat. Garlic is also dangerous for cats.


6. Raw potatoes

Swallowed, raw potatoes are very dangerous for the cat’s digestive apparel and may cause them kidney stones. Generally speaking, potatoes (raw or cooked) are bad for cats.


7. Alcoholic drinks

It may seem obvious to you that you should not give alcohol to an animal however, several cats did swallow alcohol. Just like for us, alcohol entails a lack of coordination and vertigo except that a cat is much smaller than a human! Do not let your drinks everywhere during your parties.   


8. Bones

Bones, particularly poultry’s bones may fragment themselves and cause internal laceration and puncture your cat’s larynx or stomach.


9. Yeast

If your cat swallowed yeast dough (bread dough, pie dough), it may rise in the animal’s stomach and expand. If the yeast ferments, it can produce alcohol and intoxicate the cat.


10. Avocado

Poisoning entailed by avocado’s consumption are rarer in cats as they are often repelled by the fruit’s taste. Avocado is toxic as it contains persin which can cause cardio-vascular and digestive issues.