Which cat tree to choose?


All cats lovers know it: cats love to sharpen their claws on a wall, a couch, a rug or even on furniture. You want to avoid a catastrophe? It is time to purchase a cat tree to focus its efforts!


Understand its habits: its favourite places

Before choosing a cat tree, you must know on which surface your cat prefer to sharpen its claws. First of all, you must know if it scratches a vertical surface like a wall or a horizontal one like a rug. Then you will be able to choose between a classic cat tree or a “scratcher” type.

The cat’s tree location is important: if you want to direct your cat towards its tree, place it near the zone it previously scratched and hide it so it will not have a choice! Then, move the cat tree step by step to the place you want it to be.

The cat tree: the size and the material

When you purchase a cat tree or a scratcher, you must choose a size big enough for the cat to extend itself. Cat trees sold in supermarkets are often small so favour a tree which is 1/3 bigger than your cat. You will find them in a pet shop or a garden store. We recommend rope cat trees, made with vegetal fibres which offer a good comfort to the cat. Do not forget the cat’s furniture which may contain a scratcher (cat’s shelter).

If you are struggling to redirect your cat from a scratcher to another, try to attract it un a catnip spray. Reward it if it scratches on the right area with cuddles or a treat but do not punish it if it scratches elsewhere. Take that moment to redirect it somewhere else! Let’s end on a good note: a scratcher or a cat tree may last several years.