How to train my cat?

Today, there are about 600 million small cats in the world. That includes pets, strays, homeless and feral cats. To train your cat you must be patient to deter your cat’s bad behavior and to learn him certain behaviours to adopt. You want to discover how to train cats in 5 lessons? All the answers are in this article.

1. How to train cat to use … toilet


No, you’re not dreaming. More and more people want to train there cat to use the potty. Why? Because there are a lot of benefits:

-You will save litter and therefore money

-You will enjoy a cleaner home: say bye-bye to bad smells!

How to train your cat? First you can place a litter box next to the toilet. Gradually, you can move the litter box closer and closer to the toilet bowlquand. When your cat is accustomed, you can use a special litter box thats fits within the toilet itself. Little by little, use less and less litter: your cat will get used to eliminate in the toilet and so you could remove the litter box entirely.

2. How to train cat to use litter box


Your cat is young or not train to use a litter box? Don’t panic, with a few tricks, your cat will use the litter box perfectly. For that, you have to:

-Choose a litter box suitable for your cat: large and deep enough

-Find a good location to store the litter box: your cat has a right to privacy

-Keep the litter box clean: it’s better for you and your cat!

-Teach your cat what to do, placing him in the litter box frequently until your cat starts using it

3. How to train a cat to walk on a leash


First, you have to choose a harness and a leash that will fit your cat. Then, your kitty may accompany you during your walk and join you on outdoor adventures.

It takes weeks, sometimes months to accustom a cat to the leash and the harness. For its first outdoor experience with leash: take it easy!

If your cat gets stressed outdoors, don’t insist: have an indoor adventure instead!

4. Train cats to do tricks


Cats can learn to do amazing tricks. The most important thing is to get your cat attention and to be patient. Keep in mind that cats are motivated by play.

By repeating some games, you may train your cat to do tricks. Let’s play!

5. How to train cat not to scratch the furniture


Your cat is cratchnig your furniture and that piss you off? Do you know that your cat is doing that for a good reason?

Doing that, cats are expressing a feline instinct to sharpen their claws and mark their territory. To prevent cat scratches, there are some solutions:

-Buy a cat tree or a scratching post 

-Trim your cat nails

-If you see your cat scratching: stop him immediately and scold him but don’t yell.  You also have to reward your cat for good behavior!