How to teach cleanliness to my cat?


Kittens learn cleanliness during the first weeks of their lives and with their mother. Usually, a cat is clean as from three weeks. However, it is not rare that cats are more attracted by the house’s other rooms than its litter when it joins a new family.

Then, what are the tricks to encourage the cat to use its litter?


A well thought location for a litter

The litter, which must be big enough for the cat’s comfort, must be far away from its food spot. It must absolutely be in an isolated, calm, remote area yet accessible both day and night but not accessible to other individuals. If you own many cats, each of them must own its own litter in very different spaces. It must be noted that the cat is a chaste animal!


An impeccable maintenance

A litter must always be clean. A cat will not go in a dirty place. Hence, it is of utmost importance to clean its litter two to three times a week. For maintenance, it is advised to clean the litter’s sides with bleach. Cats love this odour and will be attracted by it.


Stopping its habits

To encourage your cat to do its business in its litter, it is of utmost importance to stop it from going back to where it used to go. It is advised to clean the spots it soiled and to use cat repulsive odour sprays, available at veterinaries or in animal shops.

It is also advised to put the cat in its litter after meals and after it wakes up. If it does its business in it, it is importance to reward it with cuddles.