How to punish my cat?


How to punish my cat? This question often repeats itself among cat owners who sometimes feel helpless against their cat’s attitude. A cat which meows, which urines and poops everywhere can quickly become unbearable. During those situations, simple and efficient solutions exist to reprimand your cat. Discover the good habits to adopt to punish your cat.


1. The cats punishment: how to do it?

First and foremost, you must know that there is no use of punishing your cat by slapping its nose or by yelling. Your cat will fear or mistrust you but will not respect you.

The punishment must arrive at the same time that the cat misbehaves. Your cat will then be able to link your reaction to what it did. On the other side, if you punish it later, when coming back home for example, it may interpret it as an unfair situation and mistrust you.

Like in every education, punishment must be systematic. By being constant, your cat will adopt the reflex of not doing certain things.


2. Strongly unadvisable punishments

It is strongly unadvisable to punish your cat by slapping it as it will only make it more anxious and it will mistrust you. In fact, by attacking your cat, you will create an adverse effect: an anxious cat which shows behaviour disorders.

Treats are also very important in your cat’s education!


3. Some examples of punishments and treats

- Make a brief and loud sound which will surprise your cat when it is about to misbehave: you can clap your hands loudly, use a whistle, etc.

- Play with it! You catch it scratching your couch? Distract it by playing with it and attract its attention on its scratcher or cat tree.

- Use a firm tone. No need to scream. If you catch your cat misbehaving, you only have to say “No!” or “Stop!” on a firm tone. When you repeat the same word, your cat will associate the action to your reprimand.

- Finally, the treat is a good way to correct your cat’s behaviour. If it adopts a behaviour you do not tolerate (scratching the furniture, climbs on your bed, etc.): use a firm tone, put it away from the risky zone and give it a treat. It can be a treat it is not used to for example.