How to help my cat sleep at night?


It is bedtime and you want to go to sleep but the cat decided otherwise? You wonder why your cat wakes you up at night meowing and running everywhere in the house? In order to get back to sleep, discover how to help your cat to sleep at bedtime. Here are simple tricks which will change your life!


1. Establish a routine

You must set up a routine to get your cat used to sleep at the same time as you. Turn off or dim the lights from a certain time and try to go to bed more or less at the same time. Cats have a great sense of anticipation and are attached to rituals.


2. Play with your cat

Playing is among the routine to establish and it will help your cat to unwind and entertain itself. Furthermore, if you are present during the day and that your cat stays inside, take the time to play with it. Your cat will be stimulated and will spend its energy during the day. Another option: if you are not here, leave it toys with which it can play during your absence.


3. Feed your cat

One of the main reasons why a cat wakes up its owner at night or in the morning is because it is hungry. Try feeding it before going to bed and leave it some free access food (in a programmed supplier).


4. Turn a deaf ear

Nocturnal meows? Your cat is agitated? The best solution for your cat to stop meowing while you sleep is not to react. In fact, if you pay attention to it, that you answer or give in to its request, it will not hesitate to start again every night.


5. Leave your cat in another room

This is applicable only if you do not want your cat to sleep with you! In fact, once your cat will be used to sleep in your bed, it will be difficult to go back in time. If you want to sleep peacefully, put a basket or a cushion in a room where your cat feels good and where it can sleep all night long. It must have access to its food and water, its litter and its toys. Furthermore, close your room’s door so that you will not be disturbed by nocturnal interruptions.

Is your cat used to sleep with you and you want to end that? Try ignoring it by closing the door. If this is not enough, you may try remote correction (sound device, switch, etc…)