Why does your cat smell bad?


A cat’s odour may quickly become annoying for its owner and its surroundings.

Discover all the reasons which may explain this odour so you can get rid of it quickly and reunite with your favourite pet in good conditions.


1. An unbalanced or inappropriate diet

An inappropriate diet may be responsible for your cat’s bad breath. An accumulation of poor quality food, such as mash, on your cat’s teeth entails a tartar surplus, sometimes even causing periodontal diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis.


2. A bad odour? A cat’s disease sign

Odours emitted by cats generally come from their oral cavities. This odour may be explained by different cats’ diseases such as kidney failure, a liver problem, gastro-intestinal issues, a respiratory infection or diabetes.


3. An anxious animal

A change in territory and lifestyle may entail anxiety in cats. As it is a sensitive animal, the slightest change may trigger it. A stressful state may be expressed by an animal urinating everywhere, hence being unclean.


4. An aging animal

Over the years, the cat will find it more and more difficult to groom itself. It will manifest by stuffed hairs or by pieces of dried droppings stuck to its fur.