Neutering a cat: all you need to know


Neutering a cat is a widespread practice among people who want to raise cats and want to avoid unwanted pregnancies. This can be a difficult situation but you must know that a cat can have to three litters of four to five kittens a year. Male cats are used to escape their homes as soon as the hunting season begins with risks of being killed while crossing the road. But why should you neuter your cat? How to get prepared for the surgery?


Neutering advantages

Neutering your cat is as positive for it as it is hard for you. First of all, females are often preys for the neighbourhood’s male cats during the hunting season, which happens all year long. Reproduction season starts in February and may end in December depending on the cat’s environment. The heat’s cycle for females start some months after its birth and stops when it is pregnant or neutered.

During the hunting and heat cycle, cats meows a lot and urinate on their territories to attract the opposite sex. By going away from their home to find their soulmates, they can catch diseases with stray cats or get hurt.


The cat’s neutering: Age, price, surgery

First of all, you must contact your veterinary and give it all information about your cat: age, gender, behaviour. It is advisable to neuter a cat at six months old before it starts to mark its territory. We know a female is in heat when she seems tired, meows a lot and is very affectionate.


Here are five important points about neutering:

- Do not give food or water to your cat 12 hours before the surgery

- After the surgery, put your cat in a calm and closed space and monitor its behaviour

- Once the cat recovered completely, that it eats and drinks normally, you can give it its freedom back.

- Males take 24 hours to recover from the surgery but females can take up to two days.

- Neutering a cat benefits its health: the reduction of hormones decreases the risks of diseases, infections and cancer.

Cats may put on some weight after a surgery as their metabolism slows down. Do not worry, if you provide your cat with a balanced diet, it will quickly get its average weight back.