How to wash your cat?


A cat is supposed to groom itself but sometimes, it may roll itself in dirt and need to be washed! It is particularly the case for cat with long furs such as Maine Coons or Angoras. But washing your cat can be a real nightmare if you do not have the proper method. To prepare your cat for a beauty contest or simply to get it rid of dirt, Daily Cat gives you the best tips to wash your cat.


Giving a bath or a shower to a cat

The more important thing for a cat to feel good in water is to get it used to it from a young age. Here are the key steps to give a bath or a shower to your cat:

- Get yourself a cat shampoo (never use a human’s shampoo)

- Brush your cat to detangle the maximum hairs

- Check that the bathroom is well heated

- Use hot water (between 30 to 35˚C) and leave a depth of a few centimetres for a bath.

- Put the cat in the tub or the shower delicately and slowly wet it then shampoo it (by avoiding the ears and eyes)

- Rinse the cat with a light jet

- Dry it with a towel (avoid the hairdryer, unless the cat is used to it, it will be quickly frightened)


Tips to wash your cat

If you are still struggling to give a bath or a shower to your cat, here are some tips which will prevent you from injuries and will calm your cat:

- Wear gloves (your hands will slip less and you will avoid injuries)

- Protect the floor with a towel or non-slippery rug

- Wash only the fur’s dirty part as the cat will clean the rest by itself

- Trim the cat’s claws beforehand to avoid it to scratch your bathtub or yourself.

If you do not have a cat’s shampoo, you can also “dry clean” your cat with talc (apply the talc in your hands then stroke the cat in the fur’s direction.