How to take good care of my cat?


Taking care of a cat is not much different from taking care of other pets: it requires lots of attention! Even if it is independent, its health depends on you. Whether it is dirty, in a bad mood or stressed, there are techniques which exist to make your cat happier and healthier!


Caring for a cat: the priorities

The first thing to do to take care of your cat is to vaccinate it! Stray cats can transmit several diseases and if your cat escapes from the house for several hours, there is a risk of contamination.

The best way to limit your cat’s urges to escape is to neuter it. We neuter generally after six months, not only to prevent an unwanted pregnancy but also to reduce the risk on contracting infectious diseases or cancers which affect adult cats.

Do not forget to vaccinate your cat as soon as it reaches two months (when its maternal antibodies disappear) and against common cat diseases: Leucosis, Typhus, Coryza, Chlamydiosis and rabies. It is advised to book an appointment once a year with a veterinary to check the cat’s vaccines, behaviour and health.


The little things that make cats happy

If your cat often experiences hair loss, brush it regularly to prevent it from choking when it grooms itself. You can brush a long-furred cat every day and a short-furred cat every week.

One way of making your life easier and to prevent your cat from having regular accidents is to trim its nails. Only the transparent part must be cut. If you have any doubt, contact a veterinary to take care of it.

Even if you must be careful about your cat’s diet, treating your cat for being nice and for listening to you is important! Keep a packet of treats or its favourite food available. Not only will you please your cat, but you will teach it that listening to you has its advantages.