How to massage my cat?


It is very important to take care of your cat and to pamper it. For that, you can cuddle with it, brush it, play with it and even massage it! Yes, massaging your cat can help it to get better and to relax. To do so, there are some massaging techniques to consider!


1. Preparing your cat for a massage

To massage your cat, you must choose the right moment: your cat must be relaxed (just like you) and must not be busy doing something else (playing, grooming itself, etc.) Do not massage your cat just after a meal. Let it digest!

To put it in a position of trust, talk to your cat with a calm and soothed voice, scratch it. Let it relax. When it will be ready to be massaged, it will purr loudly.


2. What techniques to massage my cat?

-Start by massaging its back, then its shoulders and its sides. Perform soft circular moves with your hands.

- If your cat is still liking the massage, you can massage its head delicately: the top of its head, its ears and behind its head.

-Next, massage its neck, in order not to hurt it, massage it with a finger and perform small circular moves.

- Finally, massage your cat’s belly. It is a sensitive area (not all cats like that we touch their belly) so be gentle! Delicately put your cat on its back and massage it with circular moves.