How can I help my cat lose weight?

Is your cat overweight? It cannot move properly when you examine it and you do not feel its ribs? It is time to help it to lose weight while keeping a good diet to maintain your cat’s health. Here are our best tips to help your cat lose weight.


Check if your cat is overweight

All cats do not have the same corpulence and metabolism! For example, Maine Coons are longer and muscular and weigh from 6 to 8 kg, while Munchkins stay small and rarely go beyond 4kg.

However, there are ways of checking if you cat is overweight. Here are the indicators:

- You do not easily feel its ribs and spine

- Its two belly sides are not visible

- Take your cat’s profile and front pictures, to get a better perspective and see if it presents an abdominal distention (a belly lower than those of the cats of the same race)

If you still have a doubt, do not hesitate to ask questions during the next visit at the veterinary.


Tips to help your cat loose weight

To make your cat loose weight, you will have to change two of its habits: diet and physical activities.


- Stop feeding it when it asks for it or when its bowl is empty, feed it at fixed times and if you decrease the food quantity, do it gradually

- Divide the meals into several small meals during the day to avoid an accumulation of fat, if possible

- Privilege quality pellets, easier to dose for a diet

- Use the nutrition table on the pellets’ or mash packaging to know which quantity is appropriate for your cat

Physical activity

- If it does not have any, buy toys for your cat (mouse, bell…) which will stimulate it

- Play with it whenever you can, around 30 minutes per day. But do not force it if it does not want to!

- Put its bowl away from where it sleeps to force it to walk a longer distance.