Gestation in cats


The gestation period of the cat is very common. Its reproduction, which begins at the end of puberty, makes it a very fertile animal. It takes between 60 and 65 days between the time of conception and giving birth. Discover the symptoms of gestation and the warning signs of birth for cats.


Symptoms announcing a happy event

As early as the first few days after conception, the cat displays some symptoms suggesting that she is pregnant. In fact, her nipples will swell and change colour, often becoming pink. Then, she will have nausea and weight gain, particularly in the belly. The animal will also become more cuddly than usual. 

Symptoms announcing birth

A few days, even a few hours before the birth, the animal’s temperature goes down, contractions will manifest themselves, appetite will lower and the teats will swell. Some felines isolate themselves while others will need to be reassured by sticking to their master. In addition, the owner will be able to perceive the clear vaginal discharge on their pet.