Constipation in cats


Some cats, especially the most sedentary, encounter transit problems, sometimes causing constipation. If these problems persist, it is important to visit a veterinarian. Before the consultation, it can be very useful to know the symptoms and causes of constipation in cats.


Causes of constipation

Constipation in cats can be explained by digestion that is too slow due to a lack of activity, particularly in cats living in apartments. In addition, a poorly maintained litter will disrupt the cat and its daily life. It is also important that the owner feeds its pet with food rich in fibre and regularly fills its bowl of water. This will prevent any dehydration and therefore any constipation. Finally, cats are known for grooming themselves several times per day. As a result, cats swallow many hairs, which can form a blockage and prevent it from releasing its stools.

Symptoms of constipation 

In cats, constipation is recognisable by certain symptoms, such as dehydration, hard and swollen belly and uncleanliness. In fact, the feline will equate the litter with pain and thus avoid it. In addition, the animal will only produce very little stools.