Cat care tips : what you need to know


A cat is like any other pets, he needs your attention and your care. Even if he’s independant and cleans itself up, he sometimes looks for your help. Whether he’s dirty, acting strange or getting stressed by his environment, there are some technics to know as a cat owner, to make him feel better and keep him healthy !



Cat care : the priorities

The first thing that any cat owner should do is get the proper vaccines through a veterinarian. Stray cats can transmit many diseases and if one day your cat leaves the house, he could very well get sick in a few hours. Related to that is the sterilization of your cat. It can only be done after around six months but it prevents not only pregnancy but also protects from several deseases (ovarian, breast cancer).

A cat must also take a bath if he has a sticky latter in his fur. Always check for changes in the eyes, on the skin, nose and ears to know if you cat’s healthy.


Small things to make your cat feel better

You may want to brush your cat if he/she has long hair, so that he doesn’t eat them and suffocate on them while cleaning itself. You only brush your cat once a day for long hair, and once a week for short haired cat.

One other way to make life easier for you and your cat is to cut his nails if you’re living in an appartment but beware : you should only cut the transparent part. If you’re not sure about what the process, reach out to your veterinarian.