Allergies from which cats may suffer


Your cat scratches, bites or licks itself often? The latter may be suffering from allergies which manifest through dermatological issues. This article will inform you about the different allergies which may affect a cat.


1. Food allergies

Food allergies in cats are generally due to protein-rich foods such as beef, chicken, fish or dairy products. The cat’s neck as well as its face are the body parts which are more affected by those allergies.


2. Flea bite allergy

Flea bites allergies generally manifest themselves among adult cats and are most common allergies for them. Very difficult to spot, fleas are usually removed during grooming. However, you must know that 25% of fleas bite your cat in 5 minutes and more than 97% are gorged with blood after staying 1 hour on your animal.


3. Contact allergy

This allergy is caused by the application of products on the cat, such as ointments or shampoos which are not appropriate for it. However, this allergy is rarer that the two precedent ones.


4. Insect bites allergies

Flies and mosquitoes may also cause allergies to your favourite animal. In fact, cats do not react the same way to an insect bite. However, a bad reaction is rare.


5. Seasonal allergies

Just like humans, cats may be allergic to pollen. Hence, they will show sensitivity signs, particularly in spring and in summer. If your animal show allergy symptoms outside those periods, the latter may be allergic to mites.