5 tips to clean your cat

Everybody knows a cat can groom itself, but some parts of his body are sometimes hard for him to take care of. Crust around the eyes, a sticky matter on the coat, or loose hair can be cleaned easily but you have to be careful, cats are not always in the mood for a clean-up ! Here are a few tips to clean your cat.


1. Only bath when necessary

In case of your cat gettin something sticky or hard to clean up though, he should have a bath. Start by triming the cat’s claws just enough so he won’t scratch you (or the bathtub). Brush your cat to avoid any mats, and get supplies : cat shampoo, towels, rubber mat and a pitcher. Pour water with the pitcher over his body but avoid the ears, eyes and nose. After rinsing, dry the cat with a towel and keep him in the house until he’s fully dry.


2. Beware of your cat’s mood

Cats don’t like to be cleaned when they’re agitated, so try to choose the good moment. It can be when he’s looking for your affection, or after you played with him for a few minutes. Grumpy cats will make the clean-up a nightmare, so take your time!


3. Get someone to help you

Even when he’s in a good mood, your cat will surely move and try to escape when you start grooming him or bathing him. It’s better to have someone there to keep him in place when you’re applying shampoo, brushing his fur, or cleaning up the eyes with a moistened coton.

4. Examine the cat for health problems

When a cat is not grooming properly, it could be because of a disease. When a cat gets fecal matter on his fur for example, he can have problems defecating. Residual eye crust, loss of hair, watery eyes, are signs of a health problem when occuring often. Also check for red spots in the eyes, under the fur, and open sores.


5. Ask a veterinarian

The best thing to do when you’re in doubt about your cat’s health and change of habits is to contact your veterinarian. For example, a veterinarian can clip a cat’s behind to help you with matted feces problems, and detect whether your cat’s attitude is linked to a more general issue.