5 remedies against fleas

Fleas are an evil which almost all cats’ owners must have faced. Whether if it was for prevention or when it was too late i.e. eradication! Do you want to get rid of them and find the most appropriate method?


1. Herbs and anti-flea prevention

We do not often think about it but there is a totally natural way to repel fleas before they arrive on your cat’s fur. You can prepare a rosemary or lavender’s infusion and spray it on its fur, which will repel the eventual fleas. Chamomile is also a good repellent: it must be spread in all the places where your cat is used to stay, inside or outside.


2. Vinegar water

Here is another repellent which will require you to mix some alcohol vinegar drops then to brush your cat with a washcloth. Avoid sensitive zones such as eyes, ears, the nose or its tail. For it to work well, the cat must not lick itself during the following hours so do not hesitate to place a collar if the odour disturbs it.


3. The anti-flea comb

It is in older jars that the better jams are made, and the anti-flea comb may not be the easier and quicker method but it is one of the most efficient! You will also need a tweezer to remove them as soon as you see them. Ask for help to make the cat stand still and choose the right moment: if the cat is struggling too much, do not force it and wait for a better time i.e. when it is calm.


4. A clean house and a proper diet

You can also remove fleas with a simple mix of washing up liquid and water. Fill a big bowl with hot water and washing up liquid in the room where the cat stays the most. Install the bowl at night as the fleas are much more active. The hot water will attract them and the soap will act like a glue to trap them.

Fleas may also transmit taenia so do not forget to deworm your cat at the same time you are treating it!

Finally, do not change its basket’s or bowl’s place when it is infested by fleas as it will only spread them in all the house.