Why has my cat stopped meowing?


Cats are particularly known for their repetitive meows. However, it happens that some of them do not meow or have stopped meowing. Those cats are either hoarse or voiceless. Hence, what are the reasons behind that?

This article will inform you about the different causes which may explain the absence of meowing in your cat.


1. A sick cat

A cat which is not meowing may be suffering from a rather serious pathology. In fact, it may be suffering from a sore throat, a laryngitis or a pharyngitis. Suffering from an infection, the vocal cords cannot vibrate properly. However, a cat which does not meow may also have coryza. This infectious disease affects the eyes, the mouth and the breathing apparatus. The main symptoms of this pathology are fever, nasal and ocular discharge and fatigue.Whatever symptoms your cat is having, you must take it to the veterinary quickly!


2. A stuck fur ball

The absence of meows may also be explained by a stuck furball in the trachea and the vocal cords. The presence of foreign bodies, such as hairs, will prevent the cat from meowing correctly. It will then try everything to spit it out. Normaly it will succeed to take it out alone but if it don't manage, bring it to the veterinary.