Why does the cat rub its head against objects?

Do you often witness your cat rubbing its head against a chair? A shelf? Or even the dining table? Do not worry! It is normal for a cat and often a sign of good health. But what makes the cat rub itself so much against the house’s furniture? Daily Cat explains everything!


A normal cat’s behaviour

First, you must know that in most cases a cat rubbing itself to its environment is a classic behaviour. The cat is a territorial animal and once it is settled in an area, it will want to pervade its every corner! The cat is a real pheromone factory and spreads them all over its territory.

Do not fall for it! It does not love this chair or this furniture. It just wants to leave its DNA. This mechanism exists not only to delimit its territory, but also to mark those it recognizes (humans and animals). It does it to feel good and safe at home.

A precise move to mark its territory

Territory’s marking is a common practice among cats, and this, even several months after settling in a new shelter. Here is some essential information about this process:

- Cats usually rub their head from lips to ears, or with the forehead for an object on a level.

- The cat does the same marking on their owners and on animals it considers friendly.

- Pheromones sometimes entail a greasy film which catches dust. Your can is not dirty!

- Cleaning the furniture where your cat usually rubs itself is not advisable as it will lose its marks and will be stressed by this lack of familiarity.