Why does my cat vomit?


Vomiting is usual among cats. Some symptoms may warn the owner. In fact, before vomiting, the cat excessively licks its whiskers, drools and suffers from nausea.

So, what are the causes?


1. Fur balls

Cats are known to groom themselves many times a day. So, they swallow a certain amount of hairs which form fur balls in their stomach. Once in the stomach, they have to be disposed of, which explains the vomit.


2. Allergies

It is usual that cats are allergic to some foods. Hence, this entails vomiting among them. Thus, it is important to identify the responsible food.


3. Digestive problems

Just like for humans, viruses, pests and bacteria may cause digestive issues among cats. They can also be explained by the introduction of new food in its diet or at the speed at which the cat swallows its food. In this case, the cat will suffer from vomiting.


4. When to go to a veterinary?

Of course, it is usual for a cat to suffer from vomiting. However, if you noticed that the cat ate something toxic, that it has fever or that its teeth gums are yellow and very pale or that there is blood in its vomit, it is of utmost importance to take it to a veterinary.