Why does my cat meow?


You are wondering why your cat meows all the time? Along with body language and odours, meowing is part of the cat’s communication. There exist many types of meows which vary according to the message the cat wants to transmit. We give you all the explanations on your cat’s meows. 


Different types of meows

  • The meows where the cat coos: your cat is asking you for cuddles. This kind of meows may also be triggered when the cat is facing a prey, in this case showing excitement.

  • Jerky meows: something is stressing or annoying your cat; it nervously swings its tail and clicks its jaws. You can witness this behaviour when the cat is facing a prey.

  • Long meows: your cat has something to ask you: it is asking for food, to go outside, to do its business, cuddles, etc.

  • High pitched and soft meows: your cat is happy and wants you to know it!

  • Deep and loud meows: your cat is afraid or angry.


How to address those meows?

You must be attentive to your cat’s meows and observe its changes in behaviour. If your cat meows all the time, there must be a reason. When your cat asks you for something, make sure it does not lack anything but do not agree to all its whims!

Meowing can also be a way for the cat to express a pain: if you notice that it meows when it puts its paw down its or by making some moves, see a veterinary.

Your cat meows at night? Ignore it and do not answer it. It must understand that it cannot obtain everything through meowing. The situation should improve in a few days.

Finally, as we explained previously, the cat communicates through different ways. Besides meows, be attentive to your cat’s body language.