Top 5 most cuddly cat breeds


If there is one thing that everyone loves in cats, these are cuddles. Sweet moments that certain breeds appreciate to varying degrees: some are more independent, other more fearful, or simply difficult! Do you want to find a cat that will not get tired of your petting sessions? Here are the 5 most cuddly cat breeds!

Ragdoll cat


The Ragdoll has not stolen its name since it is a true rag doll that loves to be petted in the direction of its hair! With a calm nature and being very dependent on its master, this is the perfect cat for cuddling fans from morning to evening. A true homebody, it will spend most of its time near you and is one of those cats who need to be protected in order to survive in the world around it, but this is also its charm.

Siamese cat


The Siamese also does not handle solitude well, and will demand very regular cuddles! It has the advantage of getting on well with everyone: children, dogs, new arrivals in your home. And it knows how to be heard when it wants something, so you will know when it is petting time. Being very intelligent, it will quickly learn your routines, and when to sit on your legs or your belly!

Maine Coon cat


The king of cats (at least the most imposing) is also the king of cuddles and with such fur, it cannot be denied. The Maine Coon has a character similar to a dog, which is why it will often follow you so that you will pet it. Nevertheless, it also knows how to be independent and it should not be disturbed during its moments of hunting. But when it is cuddle time, you will have plenty to do with the longest hairs of the cat kingdom.

Persian cat


Real pasha that loves to parade around and be pampered, the Persian is also an animal that has very little hunting instinct, which makes it the ideal receiver for your hugs. It likes to be admired, and will show you by rubbing itself repeatedly on your legs. It sleeps a lot and even if it seems fairly independent at the outset, it does not take long before it snuggles on you: you just need to allow it to do so.

Russian Blue cat


Very faithful, the Russian Blues need calm but also a lot of love. They very often follow their master and when it comes to a female, this can lead up to a jealousy of other animals or humans in the room! Nevertheless, it is a cat with a pleasant voice that only meows when it is necessary. Between hunting and naps, it is a balanced cat that is neither too independent, nor too needy: being cuddly does not necessarily mean clingy, and the Russian Blue understands that well.