The 5 meows of a happy or unhappy cat

The cat expresses its humour through different meows. They may translate joy, despair a need of food and attention.

Throughout this article, you will discover your cat’s different meows and their meanings.


1. The happiness meows

The cat expresses different moods through its meows, including joy. The sound it will emit will then be soft and high-pitched and will be a way for the cat to manifest its presence.


2. The “exaltation” meow

Exaltation in a cat may also be expressed by meows mixed with purring. Generally, the cat emits them when it is looking for complicity or when it is looking for attention and cuddles from its owner. The cat will also produce those meows when it will be exited in front of a prey.


3. The frustration meows

The cat may express its malaise through its meows. They are jerky and show stress and frustration in our favourite pet. This mood is also expressed by clicking the jaws and a moving tail.


4. Anger or fear’s sound

This meow is expressed by a deep a loud sound. Being an aggressivity sign, this meow is used by cats during fights. Furthermore, in this situation, the animal hisses and growls.


5. A way to express a need

The last meow which may be produced by a cat allows it to express a need. It will then emit a long and insistent sound to manifest, for example, its desire to go out, or to receive food from its owner.