My cat is aggressive: what should I do?


Your cat became aggressive? Initially savage, cats continue to respond to their hunter’s instinct and have the sense of territory. Change in habits or in their environment may sometimes entail behaviour disorders in cats who can then become aggressive. Other factors may also come into play. Discover what can make your cat aggressive.


1. The different behaviours of an aggressive cat

An aggressive cat is often an afraid and stressed cat which is suffering from a territorial attack. For example, a new unfamiliar animal’s arrival (cat or other) may disrupt the cat and trigger its territorial instinct.

A cat’s aggressivity may also be the cause of a discomfort. When you cuddle it, the cat may be hostile (it shakes its tail and turn its head towards your hand, etc.). You must be attentive to your cat and let it be free to move.

Other reasons may encourage a cat to be aggressive towards its owner. This could be a health problem, a premature weaning, boredom or simply hunger. Do not forget to leave food and toys for it. If it tricks you and jumps on you, make it understand that you are not a prey.

Finally, a cat may be aggressive when you take it to the veterinary. When comes the time to go back home, it is impossible to put it in its carrier. It struggles, meows, etc. Your cat is simply stressed and is afraid to go back in its carrier. To avoid those incidents, get your cat used to trips in carriers.


2. How to calm an aggressive cat?

Some solutions exist when facing an aggressive cat. Start by being attentive to it and warning signs. The biting cat will make you understand that it does not want to be cuddled. Listen to it and stop the cuddles.

In the case of the tiger cat syndrome (your cat becomes uncontrollable), you must only modify its diet by leaving it unlimited pellets. This behavioural disorder happens when the cat is not properly fed.

Is its aggressivity lasting? Take it to the veterinary: it will help you to identify the problem (physical or behavioural) and will provide you with solutions.