My cat cries, what should I do?


For a few days, your cat has had excessive tearing and you ask yourself why your ball of fur has watery eyes? Unlike us humans, tears do not express pain or sadness in cats, but rather a health problem. We explain to you the causes of these tears and what to do in this case.


Causes of abundant tearing

If your cat’s eye has an abnormal flow, there may be several explanations. Discover the main causes. 

A cat may have conjunctivitis, which consists of inflammation of the eye membrane. The eye of your cat is red and a flow appears in the corner of its eye. Conjunctivitis may be due to an infection, a scratch, an allergy (pollen, food), etc. Conjunctivitis is quite common in cats. 

Your cat has an entropion: its eyelid is turned toward the inside of the eye. Most of the time, it is a deformation of the eyelid. This anatomical anomaly is common in some brachycephalic breeds, such as Persians. Feline eyelashes directly rub on the cornea, which causes significant discomfort. In very rare cases, a cat may have an ectropion: its eyelid is turned toward the outside.  

A cat may suffer from an obstruction of the lacrimal ducts and cry abundantly. This may be due to an entropion, missing holes in the lacrimal ducts, or infection of the lacrimal ducts.

Finally, a cat may have an eye infection (coryza) which is responsible for intensive tearing. It may be caused by various pathogens, including chlamydiosis and feline herpesvirus (FHV).

Clean your cat’s eyes 

If your cat slightly cries, it is certainly a small irritation caused by dust or impurities. In this case, you can simply clean your cat’s eye with sterile gauze and saline solution.

Never use eye drops without having a prescription from your veterinarian. If your cat is in one of the categories outlined above (abnormal flow, redness), you must take it to the veterinarian to be prescribed a suitable treatment: medical or surgical.