My cat bites me, what does this mean?


A cat can communicate in different ways: by sound, by movement, by rubbing against you, and even sometimes by biting you! Is it really a sign that it does not love you? Not necessarily! It is going to analyse its environment to understand it: Then why does your cat bite you? Discover the answer below.


A training problem

When it is very small, a cat learns certain rules of behaviour from its mother. Among these rules, biting or scratching its congeners is included. However, sometimes a cat may have grown up without its parents. The problem of biting is much more present if it is not accustomed to humans from an early age.

Nevertheless, there are a few exceptions to the rule, if your cat suddenly becomes aggressive, without you playing with or provoking it. This can hide:

Food frustration
Stress (change of territory, new arrivals…)

Teaching your cat not to bite

If your cat has not learned the rules of etiquette, you do not need to worry, all is not lost! There are simple methods to make it understand that bites and scratches are not allowed! Here are a few actions to take when your cat bites you:

  • Cry out and pull your foot or hand in a slow movement, to make it understand that play time is over
  • As soon as it starts to be aggressive, do not hesitate to raise your voice but never use physical punishment (with your hands or an accessory)
  • Do not hesitate to place it in a room alone for a few minutes if it bites you, so that it understands that there are consequences

However, the most natural solution remains to offer it toys, until it finds the one where it can focus its energy and desires to hunt. Never forget that a cat is not aggressive for no reason, it is always lacking something: attention, food, care, or stimulation.

Do not punish it physically, and do not forget to give it hugs to show that you love it despite everything. A cat that trusts you is a cat that will listen to you!