Learn everything about cat’s licking and grooming


A cat spends more than one third of its time licking itself when it is awake. In fact, the animal grooms itself many times a day to avoid any knots and to have a clean and shiny fur. Discover what you must absolutely know about cat’s licking and grooming.


1. An essential grooming

With a rough tongue which allows the removal of all dead hairs, the cat grooms itself alone. However, it happens that a cat grooms another cat. This indicates a strong friendship between them.


2. A social behaviour

Your cat licks you? The latter is showing you how it particularly likes you. It considers you as its friend and wants to take care of you. It is the same for cats which groom themselves mutually: it shows a familiarisation behaviour and an affection sign between cats.


3. Excessive licking

The cat is known for regularly grooming itself. However, several cats suffer from a disorder: excessive licking. This excess is generally due to parasitic or skin diseases such as pests or scabies. It may also be caused by a strong anxiety. This excessive licking entails in the cat, hairs loss and breakage, particularly on the lower abdomen.