Hyperactive cat: Causes and symptoms

Your cat keeps going, is full of energy and is more aggressive than usual? It may be suffering from hyperactivity. Here are the symptoms and the causes for this pathology.


1. Symptoms

A hyperactive cat may be recognised through several symptoms. In fact, the cat is perpetually moving and very playful. Furthermore, it does not sleep much and is aggressive. It keeps scratching and biting its owner, surroundings and even the cats to which it is used to.


2. A premature weaning

A premature weaning may explain hyperactivity. The cat becomes destructive and aggressive and it will be difficult to handle because of its emotional fragility caused by a premature separation from its mother.


3. The heats

Hyperactivity may also be due to heats. In fact, during this period, the female cat will be much more nervous than usual and will meow non-stop. The solution? Neutering.


4. Pests

Some pests, such as the roundworms, may also trigger a boundless energy in a cat. The cat is then nervous and exited and will carry on its activities.


5. Lack of exercise

Unlike what you may think, lack of exercise may cause hyperactivity among cats. In fact, a cat which is bored will slip into depression. Over time, this depression will change into hyperactivity. Hence it is important to give some time to your animal by playing with it and to cuddle.