Communicating through cuddles?


Cats love cuddles. Those affection marks allow the animal to communicate with its owner. So, what do they really want to tell us and what must you know about cuddles?


1. Cats and cuddles

The cat is an animal which cannot stand submission. Hence, you must respect it and its desires and not force it into cuddles. Those cuddly moments must be shared and enjoyed between an animal and its owner.


2. Sensitive zones

Unlike a popular belief, the chin is not one of the cat’s sensitive zones. However, you must be careful when stroking a cat on the belly. The latter may become aggressive if the strokes are too long or if the cat does not want to be cuddled at this specific moment.


3. A belonging sign or the expression of a need

When your cat rubs itself against your legs, it wants to leave pheromones on you. Hence, it shows to others that you belong to it and to no one else. Furthermore, your cat may rub itself against you when it wants food or cuddles.


4. “I love you”

A cat communicates its love when it rubs its head against yours. Throughout this affection sign, your pet is telling you that it loves you.