5 signs that prove that my cat is intelligent


Have you already asked yourself whether your cat was intelligent without knowing how to determine it?When your cat looks at you, do you have the impression that it understands you? There are key indicators to understand whether your cat has a specially developed intelligence; certain cat breeds are also more disposed to being intelligent than others. Discover the factors and signs that determine the intelligence of your little ball of fur. 


Your cat learns very quickly

Your little feline watches you when you open cupboards or doors: it is very curious. It observes your smallest actions and movements. It is such an attentive observer that it is able to reproduce some of your behaviours. You have already surprised it while opening the cupboards where its favourite treats are found, it even knows how to open the doors! This large memory capacity is one of the signs that show that your cat is smart! 

Your cat adapts to new situations

Here again, the adaptability of your cat can define its intelligence. Its environment changes, a new animal arrives in your home and your cat quickly adapts to all these changes. Your cat is very alert and has a strong ability to adapt!

You have had no difficulty in training your cat

Your cat listens and very quickly understood how your relationship worked. It learned to recognise what is good for it: If you are reasonable, it will reproduce the behaviours that you expect to the extent possible. If you have successfully trained it without great difficulty, it shows that your feline has a great capacity for understanding, and it is able to understand the relationship between cause and effect. If you scold your cat, it will most likely understand why and no longer produce this behaviour.

Your cat is very sociable

The social nature of cats can also determine its intelligence: let us not forget that our little felines are basically solitary animals. Developing their sociability is, therefore, the sign that cats know how to adapt to their environment. The social intelligence of a feline is its ability to respond well in the presence of other individuals, which particularly employs its ability to adapt. Some cats which are even more socially developed will even seek out contact and interactions. 

Your cat has a balanced temperament

It is able to express its emotions, knows how to control them and evaluate those of others. Your cat has a balanced temperament and manages to control its emotions. This ability of understanding particularly determines its intelligence.