10 signs that you are taking good care of your cat


Like every cat owner you often wonder: do I take good care of it? Does it eat too much or not enough? Does it have a happy or unhappy cat’s attitude? Catizz unveils 10 signs which show that you take good care of your cat!


1. It purrs when you cuddle it

Purring is the ultimate happiness sign for a cat! If your cat purrs when you cuddle it, it means that it appreciates the way you treat it and that it trusts you. It is even better if it closes its eyes as this means that it counts on you to protect it from potential threats that it would not expect! Yet, be careful as a cat which purrs loudly without cuddles is a sign of stress or pain as purring is a way to control its stress.


2. It plays without being aggressive.

Playing is very important for a cat mainly if it is an indoor one which cannot hunt. It allows it to spend its energy and to satisfy its predator’s instinct. If it likes to play with you and that it does not mistake its toys with your hands, good job: your cat is very happy! It can make the difference between a prey and its owner.


3. Your cat recognises you

If when you wake up, when you come back from work, from a party or from classes your cat comes for some cuddles, it is clear that it got attached to you! If your cat does not come to you, it does not mean that it does not love you but that it has an independent personality. Forget the stereotypes which make the cat pass for a solitary animal: sociable cats will even look for contact with their owners or other people with whom they get along well.


4. Your cat rubs itself against you

Why does the cat rub itself against humans, other animals and furniture? It is simply to share their odour and to mark its territory. In your cat’s mind, if it rubs itself against you, it is that you belong to it and that it loves you. It wants to spend time with you and to protect you!


5. Your cat “paws” you

When they feel good, cats love to paw your belly for example. It is a behaviour they kept from their childhood, when they pawed their mother’s nipples to help milk circulate. You understood well: you are like its new mother.


6. Your cat is curious

You probably interpret it as a sign that it wants to hide from you but the cat which explores and walks everywhere in your apartment is a happy cat. Curiosity is important as it is part of the cat’s hunter’s nature. If it loses its taste for discovery, it is probably depressed or sick. So, do not ground it if you find it in a cupboard!


7. It grooms itself (and you)

A cat in good health always grooms itself. If you often see it concentrating to clean its fur, it does not always mean that it is dirty but that it is a perfectionist! Ultimate happiness is when your cat cleans you. It considers you as its family. However, you should be careful. A cat which licks itself perpetually and looses its hairs may have a tick’s issue.


8. It does its business in its litter

A cat which does not do all its business in its litter has been weaned too early or has a health issue. Cats must feel at ease in their litters as they use it several times a day! Teach it by putting it in its litter after every meal. The more important is to change its litter regularly and to put it in a separate corner to keep its intimacy.


9. It shows its belly

Cats almost never lie on their backs as it is the position in which they feel the more vulnerable, their bellies being visible. If your cat agrees to put itself on its back, and that you stroke its belly without a bad reaction from it, it means that it trusts you at 200% and that it loves you.


10. It sleeps a lot

A cat sleeps an average of 16 hours a day. If you take good care of your cat, it will know when it is the time to play and when it is time to sleep. A cat which sleeps at night has spent its energy during the day and takes a rather similar lifestyle to yours. However, a cat always goes to sleep late at night as its hunter’s instincts keep it awake.