Which animals may cohabit with my cat?

The cohabitation question is usual among cat owners who also possess other animals. The cat may get along with some other animals but may also consider some others as potential preys. Hence, it is good to know with which animals the cat gets along well.


1. The dog

For the cohabitation to go smoothly between a dog and a cat, it is advised to introduce a puppy to a cat. In fact, if the dog is involved with cats during the first months of its life, socialisation between the two animals will be quicker and easier. However, communication between the two animals remains difficult as they do not have the same codes.


2. The ferret

As astonishing as it can be, the cat may easily cohabit with a ferret. In fact, it does not represent a prey for the cat. However, be careful and patient about this cohabitation. Cats have claws which they know how to use very well.


3. The horse

Cohabitation between a cat a and a horse is not a problem. The horse does not feel any fear against the cat. Even if a friendship between the two may be complicated, the cat may become an excellent box partner for the horse.