What type of cat should I choose if I already have a dog?


Do you want to adopt a cat, but you already have a dog? Are you afraid of the famous myth about cats that never get on with dogs? You will learn that there are much less possessive and more sociable cat breeds than others! Follow us on the journey where your cat will become the best friend of your dog!


Cats that love dogs: A history of character

You must understand that cats who behave best with dogs do not do it out of sympathy, they just have qualities that complement those of dogs! Sociability, playful nature, affectionate temperament, and confidence are most important. In fact, in order for a cat to get along with a dog, it must feel comfortable, and consider the other pets positively.

Cat breeds that love dogs

You will find a common thread between breeds that love dogs: these are often imposing cats with similar behaviour to that of canines!

Here are the cat breeds to choose for living together with dogs:

  • Burmese: It has a particular nature between shyness and great affection; it fetches the ball like dogs do and will become its friend quickly enough
  • Bombay: Very soft and confident, it knows how to remain calm and will bear the antics of your dog!
  • Maine Coon: King of cats (this is the most imposing of all), the Maine Coon is also the most sociable and gets on with everyone!
  • Norwegian: Very active and autonomous, the Norwegian is perfect if you have a courtyard or you are in the country, and especially if you have a very energetic dog
  • Siberian: Known for getting along very well with children and dogs, simply be gentle with it to become its friend
  • Tonkinese: Friendly and balanced, it is a perfect companion for your dog
  • Ragdoll: Very calm and affectionate, this Zen cat will not get excited when your dog runs everywhere