What type of accessories should I choose for my cat?


Before adopting a kitten or a cat, think about the necessary accessories to have when it arrives. If you never had a cat before, you are probably wondering what those objects are, and you might need some help figure it all out. Daily Cat is here to guide you in welcoming your little cat.

1. Bowls


You must absolutely have two bowls: one for water and one for food.

Do not forget to change water everyday and to wash the bowls regularly. The bowls must be far from its litter and from where it usually sleeps. You can also put the bowls on a level: it will be more adapted to its morphology and more pleasant for it.


2. The cat’s carrier


Essential for trip to the veterinary or for travelling, the cat’s carrier is among the first accessories to buy. We advise you to help your cat to get used to the carrier. It will ease the trips as it will be more relaxed.

Favour plastic carriers than wicker or metallic carriers: they are easier to clean.


3. The litter box


The litter box must be adapted to your cat’s body type i.e. large enough. It is an essential accessory, even more if you live in an apartment and that your cat cannot go outside.

It is advisable to take a closed litter bac to avoid odours and thrown litter. Furthermore, put the litter in a calm spot and far from the cat’s food.

For the litter’s choice, you can refer to our article on the different litter types (hyperlink).


4. Something to sharpen its claws


Your cat needs to sharpen its claws to shape them but also to mark its territory. You must also note that a cat which excessively scratches the couch’s armrests or furniture may be suffering from anxiety. Do not scold it for no reason and be attentive to its behaviour.

If you do not want it to damage your furniture, teach it to sharpen its claws on its scratcher or its cat tree while it is still a kitten. To avoid buying a scratcher off the shelve, put artisanal scratchers in your apartment. A tree bark, a piece of carpet pinned to a plank or a wavy cardboard. Your cat will choose its favourite.


5. Somewhere to sleep


A cat spends most of its time sleeping and this why it is important to create a space where it will be able to sleep. Try to observe what your cat prefers and suggest a cat’s bed, a soft cushion, a wicker basket or even a furnished cardboard.

If you live in a house and that your cat goes outside often, we advise you to invest in a collar on which you will be able to put its name and address. For long furred cats, it is also advised to buy a brush. Of course, do not forget that your cat needs to have fun at every age! A thousand of cat toys exists and help yourself through our selection of best toys .