What kind of toys should I choose for my cat?


Kittens or adult cats, they all love to play. They even need it! Games help to stimulate your cat and to fight stress and depression! If your cat has some supplementary pounds, playing is an excellent way to lose them! Between two meals and two naps, spend time with your cat and make it play some funny games. Even if it is drowsy, the cat is always ready to play with us!

Today, there exist a thousand of cat toys off the shelf or to make. To help you make your choice, we chose the 5 best cat toys.

1. The fishing rod


Awaken your cat’s hunter instinct with a fishing rod: shake it over it, it will enjoy catching it. Babies or even adults are so cute when they play! You can even replace the fishing rod by a duster if you want.


2. The noisy mechanical mouse


The noisy mouse is so realistic that your domestic cat will not be able to resist. It will embark in frenzied hunting games! Your cat will exercise while having fun.


3. The pellets dispenser


The mobile pellets dispenser allows the cat to spend itself while having its pellets. The cat must make the dispenser roll on the floor to release the pellets. The main advantage: if your cat is overweight, it will keep its physical condition while eating slowly.


4. Hide and seek


It is one of our cat’s favourite games. They can play it for hours and surprise us! Chases in the house, hiding behind furniture, your playful cat does not get tired of it!


5. Laser


The laser ensures a cardio session! To try to catch the small red dot and the light beam, your cat will perform all the stunts.

Think about it! Leave toys with which your cat can play alone when you are absent! For example: the game circuit which helps to develop the animal’s hunting skills: a ball goes through the circuit and it must catch it.