What cat breeds are best for apartment living?


While others prefer large spaces or simply to live outdoors, many cat breeds can live very well in apartments. Is your cat one of them? Here are the top cats made for apartment living.



The Persian is a little lazy cat, which likes to spend time on the sofa cuddling up to its master. It has a lot of affection for humans, including children, and does not handle loneliness well.


With a rather calm, affectionate and homebody nature, the Ragdoll is a cat made for life in an apartment. This indoor cat is ideal for children. In fact, this is a very patient animal.

Birman (“Sacred Cat of Burma”)

The Birman is a cat breed that loves peaceful environments and tranquillity. This cat is recognised for being calm and very playful especially with children. Unlike the Persian, this breed of cats loves its independence.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon, with its very sociable and calm nature, loves to spend time and play with its master. It also appreciates life in an apartment. However, it is recommended to set aside a space of its own. You can arrange this space with a few objects, such as a cat tree, so that it does not get bored.