What cat breed most resembles me?


Social, cuddly or very independent, each cat breed has its own character traits. Many masters would like to know the one that most resembles them. Discover the cat breed that best suits you according to your personality and what you enjoy doing!

Maine Coon


If you are calm and playful by nature, the Maine Coon is the cat breed that most resembles you. This feline is also very affectionate with the people around it and likes to spend time outdoors.



Rather sociable and talkative? Then Siamese matches you 2000%. This animal is also very attached to the persons around it and does not tolerate loneliness. Impossible for it (and you) to be alone!



Is curiosity your greatest fault? Then you resemble this breed of cats, the Bengal. This very intelligent feline has an impressive memory and can remember events, even trivial ones, which took place several years ago. In addition, it is impossible for it to stay in one place. It continually needs to expend itself and entertain itself.



The Ragdoll, on the other hand, is recognised as being a particularly calm and confident cat. It perfectly suits persons who are optimistic by nature. However, this feline is often deceived and continually needs others to feel protected.

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