The top 5 cat’s names for 2018


We are attached to our cats and we want to give them meaningful names. The year 2018 rhymes with the letter O. In fact, this year, for our favourite animals, you will have to favour names starting by this letter.

We bring to you the five most popular cats’ names in 2018. To know the general ranking for cats’ names, you may take a look at our article here (hyperlink).


1. Oscar


Oscar is a reserved, shy yet joyful cat which will know how to welcome you back home. It loves to play and be around its owner. It will stick with you!


2. Olympe


Meaning goddess, Olympes are known for their sympathy, their sociability and their adventurous side.


3. Olaf


This snowman is famous! Always in a good mood, it loves cuddles and company. A great number of (snow) white cats are called Olaf!


4. Oggy


Oggy (and the cockroaches) is very much appreciated by cats’ owners. This blue cat embodies a solitary character with a rather composed temper.


5. O’Malley


Do you remember the crazy cat in The Aristocats? Yes, it’s him! This character embodies absolute freedom with his seductive and protective side. Many ginger cats are called O’Malley. I don’t think it’s a coincidence!