The eight signs which prove that your cat loves you


Owners often ask that question: “Does my cat love me?” According to them, it is difficult to get an answer. However, some signs are obvious!


1. Purring

Cats purr in different ways. Yet, when the purring is irregular, the cat wishes to show its owner that it feels good in its presence and that it particularly likes him.


2. Chewing

Do not punish your cat each time it chews you! Painless chewing is a sign that your cat has feelings for you.


3. Its tail

Your cat’s tail contracts at the tip when it comes near you? Do not be afraid. It is showing its love for you.


4. Its belly

If your cat shows you its belly, it means that it feels safe besides you. It is a sign of trust.


5. Lick

A cat which loves you will not stop licking your ears and hair. It will climb on you until it arrives next to your ears. Do not be surprise!


6. Sleeping next to you

When your cat snuggles next to you, it means that it really trusts you and that it wishes to honour you. Hence, take it as a proof of love.


7. “Gifts”

A bird or a mouse in the morning? Do not be angry at your pet but proud of it. It wanted to please you with affection gifts.


8. Rubs

A cat will rub itself against its owner to drop its pheromones, thus, showing you that it cares for you and that you are, to its eyes, a trustworthy person.