Should you take your cat on holidays?


Holidays are here and you are certainly asking if it is advisable to take your cat with you. What are the alternatives? Should you leave it at home or find another type of custody for it? What is the best solution for a happy cat? It is sometimes difficult to find a solution which suits both your cat and you. In this article, we show you the different options available for your cat and yourself.

Each solution will depend on your cat’s habits and personality. Some cats are used to traveling and some prefer to stay home. Be attentive to your cat.


1. At home custody

In the case where you are keeping your cat at home, ask one of your acquaintances to come once a day to check on your cat. This solution is possible for short stays which do not last more than 10 days.

In fact, even if they are independent, the cat needs to play and have a physical contact. It is also essential to change its litter, its water and its pellets regularly. For this, a 20-minute visit is necessary.

You can also choose to leave your cat to one of your relatives by taking some basic precautions (respecting the cat’s habits, the cat knowing your acquaintance, etc…)


2.Taking your cat on holidays

If you booked a holiday rental where cats are accepted, you will be tempted to bring your pet with you. To ease that process, you must accustom your cat to the car and the carrier from its younger age. This will prevent your cat from being too stressed.

You wish to take your cat abroad? You must contact the country’s embassy to know the measures required and they will give you all the steps to follow. Your cat must be of at least 15 weeks old to travel by plane (this may vary according to airlines and destinations).

Finally, be cautious about the heat and motion sickness. Hydrate your cat during the whole trip and let it rest on your arrival. Do not let him go out alone for the first three days and accompany it during outings!


3. Placing your cat in a pension

Several cat pensions exist. This solution may be a good alternative if you will be gone for a long time and cannot take your cat with you. According to article 1385 of the civil act, if your cat causes damages in a pension, the person looking after your cat will be responsible.

This solution is for sociable cats which can easily adapt to community lifestyle. To reassure yourself, it is better to leave your cat there for a few days as a test.

Other possible alternatives in some towns: cat-sitting (home-based care), foster families or cat custody among individuals.

Each year, cats’ abandonment is perpetrated during the holidays. Do not forget that, as a cat owner, you are responsible for your cat. Abandonment is severely punishable by law.