My cat sleeps a lot, is this normal?


A cat is a big sleeper, it sleeps on average 15 hours per day. Some cats can even sleep up to 20 hours per day. At that rate, it is not surprising that you have the impression that your cat spends its time sleeping.


Why do cats sleep so much?

Cats are very active at night and especially at dawn and dusk, when it goes hunting for its prey. Unlike us humans, cats sleep mainly during the day. Since a cat uses much of its energy when it is hunting, it then needs to regain strength for the day. Although today most domesticated cats no longer have to hunt for food, they have kept this wild side and continue to hunt.

In addition, cats are experts in naps. During the course of a day, cats take a multitude of small naps. During these naps, it remains alert to what is happening around it: ready to act in case of a threat. Cats also have deep sleep cycles that take place one to two times per day. 

My cat sleeps a lot: when should I worry?

Cats have a tendency to sleep more when they are kittens or older. That said, if your cat really sleeps more than usual and it is not in one of the categories cited above (kitten or older cat), this could be a symptom of a disease.

Before you worry, make sure that your small ball of fur is sufficiently stimulated during the day, particularly by games. If your cat is bored, it may then become anxious and spend its time sleeping or even become depressed.

If this is not the case, observe your cat carefully: its diet, postures, weight, stools, etc. In any case, make an appointment with your veterinarian so a further examination of your small feline can be made.