My cat is losing its hairs, what should I do?


It is usual that cats lose their hairs. However, it may be a normal or an abnormal hair loss. In this case, it is important to visit a veterinary. Discover all the reasons behind your cat’s hair loss.


1. “Normal” hair loss

This happens during moults periods which happen two times a year, in autumn and in spring. It is important to brush cats regularly to prevent them from swallowing hairs while grooming themselves.


2. Parasites

Parasites are one of the causes of abnormal hair loss in cats. In fact, cats may be allergic to flea bites entailing skin disorders heavy hair loss. The animal may suffer from fungus caused by ringworm. An anti-parasite treatment is then necessary.


3. A poor diet

A poor diet, low in vitamins may entail heavy hair loss in cats. The cat may suffer from food intolerance or allergy. The animal will lick itself constantly, namely in the neck and on the face. It is important to go quickly to a veterinary. The latter will recommend a new and specific diet to the cat.


If none of the above works, your cat may suffer from anxiety if he obsessively licks and scratches. Try to understand the origin of your cat's stress to relieve it.