Many cats at home: tips and tricks


It is usual that cats’ lovers own several ones. Yet, cohabitation between them is usually long and difficult. Hence, it is necessary to know some tips and tricks on this issue.


1. A separate space

To facilitate cohabitation between several cats, it is of utmost importance to create a different space in different rooms for each one of them. Hence, you must have several zones for your animals to eat and drink so that each of them do not disturb the others.


2. Avoiding jealousy

A cat’s arrival often entails some euphoria around it. However, the other cats may feel jealousy towards the new one and this will entail tension between them. Furthermore, this situation may arise when a cat is the “favourite” one of the family members. Hence, it is better to give the same attention dose to each cat.


3. Keyword: patience

For a good cohabitation between your cats, let things happen naturally. Do not rush them! It will eventually happen and will take the necessary time.